Working on the next thing...

Hey there, thank you for finding my shop!  I've been handmaking candles and soaps for about 12 years now. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and there's not a lot to do when the snow hits up here, so along with raising our two kids and taking care of my home while my husband works away for weeks at a time, I make all sorts of handmade artisinal products!

I am hoping that by launching my shopify website, I can continue to launch my life forward.  I love seeing everyone's reviews, it helps motivate me and stir the creative juices.  Some people use paintbrushes and paint for their creations, I?  I use a fabulous mix of oils and butters! Liquids and solids.

My favorite thing about my shop is everything is 100% completely customize-able!  See a scent you like, but not in an item you like? Let me know!  I'll work with you to help find what you're looking for.


Last week was very busy here as I was getting a wholesale order finished and packaged for Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton National Park!  Here is an image of all the candles they are going to have available in their gift shop this summer!